the Early Sides

We're a Fort Collins based band playing indie-folk, Americana style music for the sake and love of music.  We hail from all over and bring with us a variety of influences and styles.  The name honors all of the scratch tracks and initial early ideas for songs that often never see the light of day.  It took nearly ten years and some convincing and building of confidence to release the CD By and By, so many of the tracks are indeed early sides.


Various contributors over the years include:

Rob Addington - guitar, vocals
Michael Crow - guitar, bass, drums, vocals, piano, pedal steel, violin, trumpet, accordion

John Duffy - guitar, bass, vocals

John Frank - bass, vocals, guitar, pedal steel, harmonica, and that foot organ thing he built and    
plays quite well
Pete Hevenor - drums
Jeff Johnston - bass, saw
Mike Landis - guitar, bass, vocals, banjo, keyboard
Andy LeMaster - guitar, bass, vocals, keyboard
Channing Lewis - bass, vocals, piano
Jesse Shelby - drums, vocals

Brant Slay - harmonica

​Mark Steinbuck - guitar, mandolin, bass

Brian Winterrowd - drums